Chemical Specialties

We carry a full line of chemical specialties and additives that can help the formulator solve various issues or problems that arise such as foaming, rheology, corrosion resistance and dispersion in coatings and inks. For plastics, our specialty products can add density, thermal conductivity, elasticity, and UV protection.


Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) processes agricultural crops into renewable products. ADM's linseed oils, soybean oils, and copolymer oils are key components in paints and coatings, and printers' inks and resins.


  • Lecithin - Serves as an emulsifier to disperse pigments, and as a surfactant in industrial-based applications. Benefits include reduced mixing times, improved suspension, reduced sagging, improved brushability, and better flow.
    • Yelkin® TS. - A standard fluid lecithin used in oil-based paints and coatings
    • Stablec OFE - Specially formulated to emulsify in aqueous formulations
  • Xanthan Gum - A high performance suspension and thickening agent for various coatings applications
    • Optixan™ - Standard grade
    • Optixan™ D - Easy dispersing grade
    • Optixan™ T - Transparent grade
AL2Chem Specialties is a full service supplier of treated and untreated grades of amorphous fumed silica, precipitated silicas, flatting agents, and organosilanes.


  • Fumed Silicas - Fumed silica’s unique manufacturing process produces a very high purity type of silica with nano size primary particles, a fluffy white powder that is an amorphous and colloidal form of silica. These characteristics impart a wide range of benefits to formulations from thickening and reinforcement to free flow and anti-settling.
  • Flatting Agents - Flatting agents are silicas designed to modify the surface characteristics of paints and coatings to reduce gloss. They are highly dispersible and provide good leveling and suspension control, particularly the wax treated grades.
  • Precipitated Silicas - Precipitated silica is produced in a wet chemical process and the resulting amorphous products have a wide range of applications from thickening and reinforcement to free-flow and abrasion. They are highly absorptive, improve mechanical properties, and provide unique solutions for your formulating needs.
  • Organosilanes
    Unique Properties of Organosilanes
    • Silicon compounds with organic functional groups.
    • Unique ability to bind inorganic molecules to organic ones.
    • Ability to be used to crosslink polymers.
    • Can make hydrophilic products hydrophobic.
  • Industrial Applications
    • Sealants and adhesives.
    • Fiberglass and mineral treatment.
    • Paint and coatings.
    • Polymer synthesis.
    • Rubber, plastic, and elastomer compounding.

Dixie Chemical manufactures high purity specialty intermediates for the following markets: Flavor and Fragrances, EB and UV coatings, Epoxy curing agents, Urethanes, and Textiles.


  • Anhydride epoxy resin curing agents
  • Urethane Chemicals
  • Additives for coatings and printing inks
    • DDSA
    • MHHPA
    • MTHPA
    • NMA
    • DCA 221
    • ECAs
    • THPA
    • Glycidol
    • EH DIOL
    • HHPA
    • DCA 163