About JNS-SmithChem   In today's fast paced, volatile business environment, working with a highly reliable, service-oriented specialty distributor is worth its weight in gold.

At JNS-SmithChem, our business is all about delivering first-class service and unmatched value. Our full breadth of suppliers and their products provide you with high-quality, convenient one-stop shopping. Our timely delivery and efficient in-warehouse pickups simplify your logistics. And our personalized expert service delivers the one-on-one attention you deserve.

As a full-service specialty distributor of raw materials, chemicals, and packaging, JNS-SmithChem services over 500 customers in the paint, ink, plastics, rubber, compounding, adhesives and sealants, building products, textile, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other related industries.

We're more than just specialty product distributors. Our ownership – with over 75 years of expertise and 2nd and 3rd generation in our industry – combined with our veteran customer service, operations, and warehouse teams brings unparalleled industry knowledge, in-depth experience, and highly proficient customer service to all our business relationships.

Our History
1917 SmithChem established
1954 Jesse S. Young established
1987 Jachts Chemical & Container Corporation established
1991 Jachts Chemical & Container Corporation acquires the assets of Nortman & Associates
2000 Jachts Chemical & Container Corporation and Alan Newfield form JNS Supply
2005 SmithChem & Jesse S. Young Company form SmithChem & Young LLC
2009 JNS Supply and SmithChem & Young form JNS-SmithChem