Functional Fillers

We carry a full line of functional fillers, minerals and pigments. These products can enhance the physical characteristics and properties of your coatings, plastics, adhesives and allied applications. Some examples would be adding abrasion resistance, gloss control, chemical resistance and flattening in coatings and heat resistance, and flame retardancy and impact resistance in various polymers.


Active Minerals International produces high-quality attapulgite and air float kaolin products.


  • Attapulgite Clays - Attapulgite Clay is a hydrous magnesium alumino silicate used as a binder, thixotrope, anti-settling agent, and rheology modifier in a wide variety of applications including water based paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, asphalt coatings, joint and caulking compounds.
    • MIN-U-GEL® grades available
  • Kaolin Clays - "Soft" air float Kaolin clays and "hard" clays used in various applications including filler for asphaltic roofing, rubber, adhesives, and ceramics.
    • Acti-min and 525 Drihide grades are available.
  • Specialty additives for anti-sag, syneresis control, and anti-settling
    • Acti-Gel 208
    • Acti-Plex
Cimbar supplies a broad range of Barium Sulfate products as well as Calcium Carbonate and Bentonite.


  • RiverCal Calcium Carbonates - Exceptionally pure 99+% CaCO3 content, chalk type. Crystalline silica below .1% and very low acid insolubles. Less abrasive than domestically mined marble type Calcium Carbonates.
  • Chalk Type Calcium Carbonates
  • Barytes BaSO4 Barium Sulfate
    • Cimbar™ - High purity white Barytes.
    • Barimite™ - High purity off-white Barytes.
    • Miti-Wite - High purity Industrial grade.
    • Bara grades - Economical Barytes for numerous extender and filler applications.
    • BariScan - USP grades of Barytes
  • Sodium Bentonite Clay
    • Suspengel - Economical pigment suspension agent for water-borne formulations.

Burgess Pigment

Burgess Pigment Company is a leading provider of functional anhydrous and hydrous aluminum silicates (Kaolin Clays) specifically designed to contribute key properties to your final product.


  • Optipozz - Metakaolin
  • Kaolin Clay
    • Calcined – Anhydrous and Conventional
    • Flash Calcined – Anhydrous and Thermo-optic
    • Water Washed
    • Hydrous
    • Delaminated